About Robinson Ordinance

Robinson Ordinance kicked off many years ago when Robbo began collecting militaria as a 16 yr old. This started him on the track of buying and selling both privately and at Antique arms fairs. In recent years space at the Campbells store in Morpeth has been occupied by Robbo’s militaria items, you can see them in shop 20 Cabinet at the center at 173 Swan street Morpeth, from Thursday to Sunday 10-5.

At the start of 2019 Robinson Ordinance expanded into the old “Slab hut” out the back at the same center, retailing garage and mancave collectables, June 2020 saw more expansion into the “Top Shop” (Beer and Bar, Garage, Vintage toys, Milkbar),  and the “white room” (Camouflage clothing, militaria, Vintage advertising, Trading Cards) on the Veranda of the main center as above, this year we expect the Boolaroo NSW, Shenanigans Irish Pub shop to open, it will be a theme shop based around an old Irish pub purchased by Robbo to create a fabulous collectable center.